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Questions Log:
IBM Cognos Report Templatization

These questions are from the Senturus webinar: IBM Cognos Report TemplatizationView the video webinar recording.

Q: In addition to the report name in the header, is there any way to show the Cognos folder?
Yes, use the ReportPath function.

Q: Is it possible to add a data source name?
A: We looked for this, but other than information from a PowerCube source, we don’t see this is possible to do.

Q: Could you briefly describe when the next release will be available and what will be included?
A: This information is still not available, other than the fact that we expect a major new release, Cognos Analytics 11.1, in mid-November. 11.0.13 is expected in early 2019 and will only contain fixes, no new features. This will be the last release of 11.0. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming releases, let us know and we may be able to have someone from IBM discuss its roadmap in a future webinar.

Q: When would you save a report as what Cognos calls a template (Convert to Template)? And why not make the base report a template?
A: The process is pretty easy and the concept is basic. Taking the base report, converting to template and saving in the Public Folders -> Templates directory is a good approach. However, this will now show up on the list of templates each time somebody creates a new report. Learn more in this IBM document.

Q: Is it possible to edit a dashboard without recreating widgets?
A: When you are viewing a dashboard and have the appropriate permissions, you can click the edit tool and make changes. However, if you are in preview mode, the edit icon may be overlooked. Look for the edit tool (pencil icon) at the top left. If it is not available, try making a copy and placing in another folder and opening up the permissions.

Q: Is it possible to reference individual pages? 
A: We love report references, but it does not allow you to reference an individual page, only entire reports. See a demo on how to do it.

Q: How do we display the selected parameters in a prompted report?
A: Use a layout calculation and the report function called ParamDisplayValue.