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Tips for Connecting Tableau Dashboard Starters to Your Salesforce Data

Getting Tableau Dashboard Starters for Salesforce connected to your Salesforce cloud and working properly does not happen out of the gate. We describe how to correctly “rewire” the Dashboard Starters to point to your Salesforce cloud and give you the steps and tips to bypass commonly encountered issues.

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How to Create Groups in Tableau

Groups play an important part in everyday Tableau use, allowing you to get around the inconsistencies that arise when pulling data from various sources. Groups let you create custom combinations and hierarchies so you can use data in a way that makes sense for your particular analysis needs. Watch our step-by-step demo of how to create a Tableau worksheet that leverages a group.

Hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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Hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics are a great tool for providing summarized information that does not exist in the underlying cube. But like Clint Eastwood’s character in Sergio Leone’s epic spaghetti western, this good guy can be tough and gritty in places. Read on for our take on the good, the bad and the ugly with this powerful feature.

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How to Get Around Extract Limitations in Tableau Dashboard Starters

Dashboard Starters for data sources like Salesforce and Marketo are a great new feature from Tableau. But they only work with Tableau extracts, which have limitations. We show you how to get around the tricky task of swapping out a reporting database for Tableau’s default extracts.

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Tableau Server vs. Desktop for Release 2018.1 & Above

The 2018.1 release of Tableau in May 2018 saw a convergence of functionality between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server/Tableau Online. In this blog, we examine remaining functionality differences between the products.

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Tableau Dashboard Starters for Salesforce: 18 Lessons Learned

In the release of Tableau online 2018.1, Dashboard Starters for common enterprise applications were introduced. Seven of these dashboard starters are built to work with Salesforce data. We love the idea of these pre-built dashboards but discovered a few hitches when we tried to use them. We share 18 lessons we learned – along with some fixes.

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5 Factors When Selecting a Data Prep Tool for Tableau

There are many options for preparing data for use in Tableau, from built-in tools to third-party platforms. We look at the options and provide five factors to take into account when determining which ones are best suited to the task at hand.

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Comparing Reports & Dashboards in Cognos Analytics

With all the capabilities that have been added to Cognos Analytics, it can be unclear as to which is the right choice, a report or a dashboard? There is no simple answer—the choice depends on the business use case. Read on for a reference guide that compares the differences to help you decide the best tool for your needs.

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Northwestern Connects Tableau to Live Cognos Data

With the Senturus Analytics Connector, the University accesses the secure data in Cognos with Tableau, drastically cutting the amount of time it takes to deliver reports while ensuring data security.

Designing Flexible Reports in Cognos Analytics Blog
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Flexible Report Design in Cognos Analytics

There are various reasons why you may have several reports in Cognos Analytics that are very similar. In this blog we will focus on one of the more common reasons, date filter requirements. And we’ll provide creative solutions – along with the step-by-step instructions – to consolidate using this advanced reporting technique.

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Tableau’s New Data Prep Tool: 10 Killer Features

It’s a new day for data! Welcome to Tableau Prep, a new data preparation tool, that was launched in May 2018. This tool is easy to use and can make complex data sources “Tableau friendly” in minutes. Read on for 10 killer features we love.

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2018 Gartner Report: The Case for Data Governance

This year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI & analytics report caught our eye, not because of where each software vendor was placed in the quadrants, but because of the emphasis Gartner placed on data governance.

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